Indonesia - UK Islamic Advisory Group, 29 - 31 January 2007

Azyumardi Azra is a professor of history at the State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta, Indonesia, and former Rector of IAIN/UIN Jakarta, elected for two terms from October 1998 to end of 2006. He completed his MA (1989), MPhil (1990), and PhD (1992) from Department of History, Columbia University, with dissertation on “The Transmission of Islamic Reformism to Indonesia: Networks of Middle Eastern and Malay-Indonesian `Ulama in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries”. In 1994/1995 he was a visiting fellow of Southeast Asian Studies at Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Oxford University.

In 2001, he was a Distinguished International Visiting Professor at Department of Middle Eastern Studies, New York University. He has lectured at NYU, Harvard University (Asia Center) and Columbia University. Later, he was appointed as Professorial Fellow at University of Melbourne (2004-2009); and is a member of Board of Trustees International Islamic University, Islamabad (2004-2009).  In May 2005, he received a Doctoral degree of Humane Letters Honoris Causa from Carrol College Montana, USA for his academic achievements, his contributions to worldwide understanding of the Islamic world and his efforts to promote peace between cultures.  On August 15, 2005, he received the Bintang Mahaputera Utama from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for his dedication to Indonesia’s education.


Ahmad Hasyim Muzadi is the General Chairman of Nahdhatul Ulama (NU), the biggest Muslim organization in Indonesia with more than fifty million followers and is well known for its moderate orientation. Nahdhatul Ulama has been playing an active role in inter-civilization dialogues and peace building, in accordance with the principle of Ahlussunah Wal Jama’ah. Hasyim Muzadi is also a Member of Commission of Eminent Persons OIC. Hasyim Muzadi completed his education mostly in Islamic Boarding School and graduated from State Institute for Islamic Studies Malang-East Java. He spent his career in Organization of Nahdhatul Ulama in East Java before appointed as General Chairman of this organization.


Din Syamsuddin is a Moslem Scholar who completed his Doctoral Degree in 1991 at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Inter Departmental Program in Islamic Studies USA. Currently, he is the Chairman of Central Board of Muhammadiyah, the second largest Moslem Organization in Indonesia with more than thirty million followers. Prof. Din Syamsuddin is a senior lecture in various Islamic State universities in Indonesia. He is active in various activities related to interfaith and inter-religious dialogue. He had participated in numerous of conferences or seminars on interfaith dialogue and cooperation and peace. Presently, Prof. Din also serves as Secretary General of Committee on Religion for Peace (IComRP) and Member of Executive Council of Asian Conference on Religion and Peace (ACRP).


Prof. Marwah Daud Ibrahim completed a Doctoral Degree (PhD) in 1989 from the American University, Washington, D.C., majoring in International Communications. Beside active in politics as a member of parliament for several terms, she is also active in Women’s Empowerment, Basic Life Skills Training Camp “Mengelola Hidup dan Merencanakan Masa Depan (MHMMD)”; founder and active in the Foundation called “Yayasan Pengembangan Unggulan Wilayah”. She is also active in writing articles for several national newspapers.

She was elected as Chairman of Presidium for Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals (ICMI) for the 2005–2010 period. She has actively participated in international organizations, among others formulating International Islamic Forum for Technology, Information and Human Resources Development (Iftihar) Jeddah. As a Moslem Scholar, she is a Guest Lecturer and Speakers in a number of countries, speakers in national and international Seminars including in the United Nations (New York), UNESCO (Paris), Board of National Research, Sweden, Washington, D.C., Royal Academy UK, in Parliaments of Germany, India, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia.


Prof. Dr. Nasaruddin Umar is a senior Moslem Scholar, who completed his doctoral degree from a joint program between the State Islamic University of Syarif Hidayatullah and McGill University. Currently, Prof. Dr. Nasaruddin Umar is the Director General of the Religious Guidance of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. He is also a Rector of the Institute for Advanced Qur’anic Studies in Indonesia and a Secretary General of the Nahdhatul Ulama Consultative Council and Lecturer at the State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta


Abdul Mu’ti is a young scholar who earned a Master of Education (M.Ed) from the School of Education, The Flinders University of South Australia, in 1997. He was a participant of a Short Course on Governance and Syari’a in University of Birmingham, England, January-April, 2005.  He is the former Chairman of Central Board of Muhammadiyah Youth. Abdul Mu’ti gained his international experience from his participation in various international seminars, workshops and other international activities such as; in 2006 he was assigned as a seed speaker in International Conference of Islamic School in Southeast Asia in Tokyo and in British Council Advisory Board Meeting in London. He also participated in various seminars in International Visitor Leaderships Program 2, USA, August-September 2005 and in Indonesia-Australia Young Muslim Leaders Exchange Program, Melbourne, Victoria 2002.


Yenny earned Master of Public Administration from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge, USA in 2003. In 1999 she received Joint Recipient of Walkley Awards, the highest journalistic prize in Australia; she is the first non-Australian to receive such honor for the Asia Pacific Category reporting. In Islamic organization field, from November 2005 to present she has been elected as Head of the Department for Organizational Development, Fatayat Nahdhatul Ulama. She is responsible for formulating and carrying out programs to build the capacity of Fatayat, a progressive young Moslem women organization with about 5 millions members. In the field of politics, she was assigned as Deputy Secretary General of The Awakening of the Nation Party (PKB) from 2005 to present. She has been responsible for high level decision making, formulation political strategies and governing policies of the party. She is also the Director and one of the initiators of Wahid Institute from its establishment in September 2004. The Institute is focusing its activities on dissemination moderate and pluralist Islamic ideas and promotion of inter-communal understanding. From January 2006 to present, she is assigned as special staff to the President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on political communication.


Asim Siddiqui is Chairman of the City Circle, a network of young British Muslim professionals. In addition to running local educational and welfare projects, the City Circle organises weekly public discussion forums providing a grassroots outlet for debate on issues of mutual concern between British Muslim communities and wider society. Asim is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the City Circle. All of the City Circle projects are committed to building bridges between communities. Asim is also a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and a regular contributor to The Guardian Newspaper's web blog. Asim is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. He works full time for a niche city financial services firm and is currently seconded to the Financial Services Authority.


Mishal is a newsreader for the BBC's international news channel BBC World and a Presenter on the BBC's morning news programme Breakfast. She read Law at Cambridge University and graduated in 1995. After this she completed a Master's degree in International and Comparative Law at the European University Institute in Florence, producing a thesis on the legal status of Bosnian refugees in Europe. Husain gained her first experience of journalism, at the age of 18, working on Pakistan's The News, a widely-read English language newspaper. Her first job was at Bloomberg Television in London, where she spent 2 years. She joined the BBC in 1998 and since then has worked in a variety of roles: in the BBC’s Economics and Business Unit, as the organisation's Washington correspondent, on the daily Breakfast programme, on the Asia Business Report (based in Singapore), and as a presenter of business news on both BBC World and BBC News 24.

Shaykh Muhammad Bilal Abdallah

Bilal is a young scholar who has completed his education in a number of leading UK Islamic institutions. He is also the founding Educational Director of Ebrahim Community College, a new and developing faith-based college that has been set up by members of the community to raise standards and expectations in the education and achievements of young Muslims. In addition to his Islamic education, Bilal holds a Masters in Development Economics and is an upcoming expert in Islamic finance.


Dr Musharraf Hussain is the director of the Karimia institute in Nottingham, which is a leading British Muslim organisation working on a number of projects ranging from community development, through improving educational achievements of Pakistani children, to adult classes and interfaith work. He has completed studies in Islamic education in a number of countries including the UK, Pakistan and in Egypt at the Al Azhar University. He has also been awarded a doctorate by Staffordshire University. Dr Musharraf also helped to establish a Muslim boarding school for boys in Retford, where he was the Head Teacher for 3 years. This is now a thriving establishment and one of the top Muslim schools in Britain. Dr Musharraf has also written numerous books on Islam as well as some 100 articles. He is currently one of the Presidents of the National Christian Muslim Forum.

Yusuf Islam is arguably one of the world's most famous converts to Islam. He has led pioneering work in the field of education and Muslim faith schools including the founding of three Muslim faith schools. His UN registered charity, Small Kindness, provides humanitarian relief, through direct aid as well as social and educational programs, to orphans and families in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and other regions of the world. Since 1994 he has once again turned his attention to the recording studio, releasing ten albums to date under his Mountain of Light label. His Sarajevo concert in 1997, to celebrate Bosnian culture, was his first public appearance for 20 years. Recently he has contributed to a number of major charity concert events, including Nelson Mandela's 46664 AIDS benefit concert at the end of 2003 in Cape Town, and also a fund-raising concert in Jakarta to aid the victims of the recent tsunami. Yusuf Islam has also been awarded the 'World Social Award' for his humanitarian relief work. Previous recipients of this award include Pope John Paul II. In November 2004, a committee of Nobel peace laureates honoured him with the ‘Man for Peace’ award.
Moulana Shahid Raza

Shahid Raza is the Deputy Director of the Muslim College in London, which was established by the late Shaykh Zaki Badawi. He is the President of the World Islamic Mission of Europe. He has devoted much of his career to devising a comprehensive educational programme for imams in the UK. Maulana Raza is also a board member of the Muslim Law (Shariah) Council UK and has been the Executive Secretary and Registrar since that organisation’s launch in 1988. More recently, in October 2004, he has taken a leadership role and has become a founding trustee in the formation of new national Muslim body, the British Muslim Forum which represents mosques and other Muslim organisations in the UK.


Sabira Murtaza Lakha obtained her Masters in Law (L.L.M.) from the University of Warwick (UK) with a specialism in comparative study of the English legal system and the Sharia in  constitutional law, human rights and the evolutionary application of the Sharia in contemporary context through the process of Ijtihaad.  Professionally, since 1999, Sabira has been an adjudicator at the Financial Ombudsman Service where she has adjudicated on high profile and sensitive cases.

Sabira was the first and only female to be globally elected as an Executive Councillor of the World Federation of KSIMC.  She has represented the organisation on the Central Working Committee of the Muslim Council of Britain and serves on its Legal Affairs Committee.  Sabira is also a volunteer in different capacities in London community organisations and is a keen promoter  of civil and political participation for both faith based and ethnic communities.

Since July 2005 she has been actively involved in consultation work with  UK government ministers and the New Scotland Yard.  She was also on the “Preventing Extremism Together” working group for “Community Security – including addressing Islamophobia, Increasing Confidence in Policing and Tackling Extremism”.  Subsequently, in 2006 she was invited by the British Prime Minister to join the UK Islamic Advisory Group.




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